This cute pooch «Regrets Ruining» his mom’s Halloween decorations

Even now, Barry fails to appreciate his massive size. The huge dog has the delusion that he is still a puppy, which often leads to trouble.

A neighbor of Barry’s said, «He’s incredibly attractive, but he’s constantly in your eyes. He wanted nothing more than to sit on your lap and gnaw on you.

When Hofer went to see Barry’s family a year ago, the dog came out to say hello.

The owner of Barry, a black cat, had just completed dressing up her patio for Halloween by folding a big cobweb over the front.

«We were sitting there having a nice conversation, and all I could see was him pushing his face into the cobweb,» Hofer said.

He simply continued marching and pushing in it, as they say. I thought, «Oh Jesus, what is this dog going to do?» as I reached for my camera.

He becomes «caught in it» to the point that he can’t move his face, but Hofer says that he simply continues smiling and tries to figure out how to get out.

Later, Barry broke free of the web and threw the remnants on the floor. According to Hofer, «Great Danes are really attractive animals,» but they aren’t recognized for their intelligence.

Barry’s mother has forgiven him for ruining her Halloween decorations after a long, hearty laugh at his expense.

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