This adorable dog is having difficulty figuring out how to properly hydrate himself

The easiest way to forget about global pandemics and the economic crisis is to watch a soothing film featuring an adorable dog. For at least 24 seconds.

The Twitter account Humor and Animals, where funny videos of animals are uploaded, recently published a video of German Shepherd puppy Saint, who is unable to drink water.

Look at this adorable baby for as long as you like. With his paws or teeth, he attempts to get a hold of the water.

It was like the fairy tale where «it poured down the mustache, but it didn’t go into the mouth» — in general.

Facebook users were quickly captivated by the video. Almost 232 thousand individuals clicked «like» after seeing it more than 5 million times.

Some of the tweet’s commenters argued that the dog was only joking.

Many people believe that puppies are incapable of drinking from a cup at birth, and that they should be taught by their mother — yet Saint’s mother seems to have ignored this advice.

In addition, numerous other commenters sent footage of their own dogs having a blast in the pool. Many of them also appeared. What are your thoughts?

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