They do everything together as a team; the duck is constantly at his side as a result

This child is lucky to have a real duck instead of a plastic one for his bath! Buck, a duck from Texas, arrived at the Young home in 2016. Buck and little Tom had an instant connection.

Mom says that Tom’s first word was «duck,» according to Malia. Almost immediately, Tom’s parents set up a Facebook page just for their son and the duck.

They did everything together, according to the child’s mother: «They went swimming, eating, and sleeping.» As they got older, so did their friendship.

According to Young, they play entirely from the minute they wake up until they go to bed at night.

As soon as Tom sits down to dine, ‘Buck’ begins to solicit for food. Malia chimes in with the observation that they both look like kids. As a friend’s defender, Buck is unquestionably the best.

All of the Young family’s farm ducks lived outside, but they were always cared after by the Youngs.

Buck is a standout amongst his peers. Buck, on the other hand, is as observant, loyal, and endearing as any other canine or feline.

Everything about this situation is very normal to Tom. Since childhood, he had been inseparable with his feathery companion.

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