There were five kittens, and a stray dog found them and brought them inside out of the snow

One late night, a Canadian woman returning home from work stumbled upon a stray dog who was trying to protect five kittens from the cold by shielding them with her own body heat.

She climbed out of the Canadian ice to assist the strange creature.

As she got closer, she could see five kittens beneath her belly. They were still very little. She tried to be the one who warmed them up.

Representatives from the creature security organisation were certain that the young kitties would not have made it without the dog.

After being given the name Serenity and sent to a halfway home where cats live, the dog has begun looking for people who are willing to safeguard an emotionally intelligent dog and its puppies.

It was reported that dozens of people were making plans to surround the dog with security.

After Serenity has been disinfected and inoculated, the sanctuary staff will choose the best possible candidate for her.

Whatever the situation may be, kids need to stay in the safe home for a little longer to mature and get some perspective.

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