There is much hilarity as the lady attempts to snap a photo of the puppy and fails miserably

The internet was in stitches over a snap of a photographer’s dog. Because Dolly is such a fan of the winter that he could spend hours frolicking in snow banks, his owner took him for a walk in the snowy woods.

Upon learning his true identity, the dog immediately began a vigilant patrol. Lila decided to capture a photo of the woodland as her dog was having a fun.

The girl used an enhancement filter on the shot to bring out more of the scene.

Lila began recording, and Dolly ran in to join in the fun. As anybody who has attempted to capture a panoramic scene will attest, moving objects significantly alter the final product.

It’s simply weird sometimes, but really funny other times, Lila remarked.

I didn’t expect the picture of the dog to be quite so humorous, but there it is. She felt it was unfair to keep such a masterpiece to herself.

She uploaded the picture to her social media accounts shortly after getting back to her house.

As a result of Dollie’s enthusiasm and enjoyment of the snow, Lila was happy to see that the photo she snapped of her smiling in the snow had given happiness to so many others.

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