There is a cute puppy up for adoption

Despite his personal difficulties, Zeke maintains a positive outlook. Those who visit the Noah Center are enamored by his cheeky smile.

Despite Katrina Wedin’s best efforts, Zeke can’t seem to get enough of the object. That the toddler likes playing with other children and being the center of attention should come as no surprise to anybody.

According to Katrina, a number of folks at our shelter are major admirers of his work. He’s trying to get as close to you as possible.

At seven months old, he was taken in by his mother and siblings and placed in an orphanage. Medical tests and a veterinarian’s opinion both found that the dog’s crooked face was unaffected by the protruding tooth.

It was obvious to Catherine that he was in desperate need of dental work. Her daily routine is unaffected by the fact that anything has transpired.

Zeke got a new home after a few months at the shelter. After leaving the sanctuary in the same way as if it were his first time out. Zeke’s crooked grin makes it likely that he will be adopted.

Because of the following factors, Katrina is certain that this is the case: They are hard to miss when they are out in public because of his spectacular good looks and friendly demeanor.

Zeke’s peculiarity will very definitely need further surgery when he gets older.

You can bet there will be no shortage of loving homes for him and plenty of attention for him to enjoy!

Zeke is overjoyed that he will be allowed to keep doing what he loves since his caregivers like his crooked smile.

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