Their grandpa got creative when he realized his grandchildren had no way to go to school

Present from Grandpa?Everybody has their own opinion on what makes a good present. It is the goal of no grandpa to provide his grandkids with anything more than a toy.

Incentives that get youngsters to see Grandpa more often are always appreciated. They got it from one of the grandpas. They got a bus from him.

Retiree Doug Hayes of Gladstone bought a minibus for his 10 grandkids and had «Grandfather Express» engraved on the side.

Location: to the south of Portland, Oregon. All ten of Doug’s grandkids are local. But only on family vacations does Doug enjoy hanging out with his grandkids. Bus? Doug Hayes wishes he could see his grandkids more often.

He once confided in his wife Amy about his worries, and she offered some advice on how he might help her grandkids.

About half of the kids in the neighborhood are enrolled in school, and another two are expected to join them shortly. There will be three grandkids in the classroom this year.

Transport is not available for the little local school. The grandkids of Doug had a 30-minute walk to go to school. Amy informed her husband of her finding and suggested he take the children to school in his car.

You may visit the grandkids now. It was difficult to locate a bus. For his part, Doug Hayes had his heart set on a subcompact vehicle rather than a bus.

Finding a cheap, trustworthy minibus was a challenge. The Oregon grandpa found an automobile in his backyard.

In town, I had my car custom-painted to resemble a school bus. ‘Grandfather Express’ is emblazoned all the way around the sides of this conveyance.

Eventually, the car with the bow on it arrived to Doug’s house for the BBQ. The children and their parents were overjoyed with the gift. Everybody snapped shots of the Express.

Doug’s grandchildren are looking forward to getting back on their private school bus.

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