The wonderful couple was hoping for a boy, so four was quite a shock

Violet and Sam used to be the prototypical couple. Although they were blessed with two beautiful girls, they always wanted a boy.

They couldn’t have been happier when Violet gave birth for the third time. During the scan, the parents-to-be were quite interested in hearing the doctor reveal the baby’s gender.

But throughout the test, they were told something somewhat different. Doctor breaks the news to the happy couple that they’ll be parents to twins.

While the expectant parents were in his office, the doctor spotted the third baby and communicated that information with them.

The couple became used to the idea that they would soon have a large brood.

At the reception a week later, everyone was shocked to find that Violet was really carrying four kids. All four of the infants were born healthy and strong.

In all, Violet and Sam have had six children. They were relieved when their grandmothers arrived to help and willingly took up part of the work.

And at this point, the boys are already three months old.How incredible is that? To put yourself in the shoes of the parent(s), what would you do?

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