The tiny lamb’s one-of-a-kind wheelchair has given her the independence to finally stand on her own

Animals with mobility disabilities may have a more difficult time adapting to life on their own.

However, there are helpful people ready to step in and provide a hand, and with little creative thinking, these animals may achieve the autonomy they need.

A human organization has lately given a newborn lamb a wheelchair they had made specifically for her. Kiki was unable to walk without her mother since lambs need milk to grow.

They took the lamb in and vowed to give her a second chance, which is great news.

The rescued lamb overcame many challenges and was given wonderful care, but her saviors knew she ultimately had to fend for herself.

According to the blog post, she spent the most of her childhood laying down and can now only lie on one side with complete ease.

The group was able to help her out by giving her a strap to hold onto.

The animal has made great strides toward independence now that it can move on its own. It may be gradual, but the carers are optimistic about the progress.

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