The tiger python: the facts

The longest recorded specimen of this species was 4.6 meters long, and the heaviest recorded weight was 52 kilograms. You may choose from a variety of different shading styles.

Spots of brown and red earth tones are often placed on a background of lighter yellow earth tones to form a rug pattern that is both visually striking and utterly bewildering.

This is a particularly eloquent illustration among young people. Beginning at the nose and progressing to the neck as spots, a dimmer horizontal band cuts across the eye.

A second band descends from the orbit and follows the top lip.The local community often keeps them as pets in their homes.

As a result of preconceived preconceptions, but also for practical reasons, because pythons are known to completely eradicate mice and other rodents from inside environments.

— For example, on cold days, the female tiger python will tremble all over the stonework, raising the temperature by 7°C. This helps him maintain the optimal temperature for hatching, which is approximately 30.5 degrees Celsius.

In accordance with the IUCN Red List, environmental disasters, overharvesting, as well as a dearth of preservation efforts have put the Indian python in urgent risk of extinction, with an estimated 30 percent population reduction between 2010 and 2020.

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