The shark’s head looked like it belonged to a different species, so the sailors quickly released it after catching it

The Italian sailors hauled in the nets and brought the shark on board.

The shark’s head looked like it had been transplanted from a different species, and within minutes most of the crew had pushed for its release back into the ocean.

Near the little island of Elba, several fishermen reeled in a peculiar catch.

The sailors were particularly taken aback by the proximity of the shark’s capture to the pier, since sharks typically avoid coastal areas.

The monster looked like a shark that was grossly overweight.

Its snout looked so much like a pig’s that the fisherman had to let it go. Several people thought they were dealing with some kind of mutation.

A few photos were taken by the sailors, and these were shown to the aquarium’s local employees.

Almost instantly, he grasped what was going on. The fish was not a mutant, but rather a very unusual species.

A specimen of Oxynotus centrina. ‘Centrins spend their whole lives between 700 and 800 meters below, so it’s a mystery how it ended out in such shallow water,’ aquarium worker Mario Bertolucci said.

The Red Book has a listing of standard centrins. Lucky for them, the fishermen were able to safely return their catch to the sea.

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