The lion wants some time away from his kids, but the youngsters keep chasing after him

Beginning a big family may be a huge undertaking, and some men may be unprepared for the distances involved. If you have three kids or more, your life will change irrevocably.

The lion in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park that was killed by a hunter apparently thought so.

Dad, who has several cubs, is tired of being the center of attention and has decided to retire by whatever means necessary.

Unfortunately, it seems his efforts were unsuccessful. Following the king of beasts are four lion pups, who are also shown in the paintings. The lion apparently thought the kids would just leave him alone, but they didn’t.

At some point, the exhausted father decides to step up the pace and start running; the kids, seeing this, immediately begin to chase after him in an effort to close the distance.

They protest being taken away from their dad.Lions often rest for about twenty hours a day and go on daily hunts after dark.

They do this to escape the heat of the day and save energy, and they return home only at night.

When lions need to relax, they gather together, rubbing their heads together and sometimes even sleeping together.

As a result, their social standing within the pride improves greatly. Yet, as a lion with four cubs appeared to attest, raising a family is no easy feat.

Many internet users went so far as to broadcast their conversation: The child said, «Dad, what are you doing?» «Don’t do that, Dad!» To put it bluntly, he wanted to know when he would be left alone.

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