The group of four young guys bungeed the stray dog to the house, where they fed it and eventually freed it

As these four young guys have shown, for every bad person, there is a good one waiting in the wings.

The Dancy brothers and their friend Andrew Daniels came upon a tied dog in Detroit’s 7 Mile neighborhood.

Bungee cords were used to chain the poor dog to the house’s backyard. As soon as the bungee cords were cut, they started trying to warm the dog up.

The dog lives up to its moniker, «Sparkle,» in every way. The poor dog seemed famished and emaciated. Sparkle’s trip around the block brought them into contact with numerous volunteers from the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue.

The group didn’t waste any time after saving Sparkle by rushing him to the clinic to obtain the treatment he desperately required.

They went to see how the dog was doing and found that everything was OK. There were many people who looked up to the bravery of these individuals.

After hearing that there were additional canines in need of aid, the boys decided to lend a hand to the rescue group.

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