The experiment is judged a success when the gas station dog eventually falls asleep for the first time

Strays begged for food at an abandoned petrol station.

If a dog sees a bit of meat on her, they will not be any less interested in finding a loving home. At contrast, she was born in a petrol station.

As she makes her way across the parking lot, her eyes is drawn to the approaching cars and trucks. She will wait outside the shop until a customer offers to share their dinner with her.

While she is away, a nearby field provides her with nourishment. The general public was left in the dark regarding her genuine identity and location.

They don’t know how long she’s been in there.

In the blink of an eye, the dog’s whole world would be turned upside down. When she saw a girl on the opposite side of the room staring at her, it made her feel awkward.

Even if she doesn’t own the dog, she will always do her utmost to locate the owner.

She pays for everything, including veterinary care and surgery, out of her own pocket. She even lined up the adoption personally in order to ensure that the puppy would never have to sleep outside again.

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