The dog mother hesitantly guides the rescuers to the lair where she recently gave birth

In January, a stray dog was seen near an overpass, and the charity «Northeast Animal Rescue» was notified. The dog made a living by begging on the mean streets all day.

Will went outside to save the dog from being run over by a vehicle.

Will braves icy roads to save Sierra, a delicate puppy. In all likelihood, Sierra had just given birth in the area and was now caring for her infant.

In spite of her concerns, Sierra accepted Will’s assurances that everything was OK. Overcoming her fears, she rushed through the parched fields, pausing only to check if Will was following.

She dissappeared down the sewer drain. Will stoopingly went into the tunnel, where he found Sierra’s puppies.

Will first thought Sierra could take care of her puppies on her own. She began appealing with Will to come save her puppies by waving her tail and wailing.

Will wriggled inside the cylinder. As their terrified mother crouched between his knees, he saved Sierra’s children, two boys and three girls.

Once Sierra was sure her kids were safe, she climbed inside the box. At the shelter, where she is grateful for the rescue, she is a «responsible» mother. As a community, let’s pray that this family soon finds a place to call home.

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