The cute bunny was conceived with a serious defect

Mila has been breeding rabbits for some time, but a month and a half ago she got the biggest shock of her life when one of her bunnies produced a baby with no ears.

Given the size and possible invisibility of baby bunny ears, Mila was first unable to make sense of what was happening.

The odd child’s mother had seven other brothers and sisters, all of whom often visited.

Mila discovered that one of the rabbits was born deaf. Despite the breeder’s best efforts, he developed similarly to his brothers.

Turns out he was just as cute and curious as any other newborn bunny. Therefore, Mila made the decision to raise the peculiar infant alone, and her four other children were OK with it.

Since the rabbit resembled a cat or lion cub more than a hare, they gave him the name Kat.

The rabbit fascinates the Mila children, who find it particularly interesting since it does not have ears.

The family’s vet came to visit, as well, to reassure them that the rabbit was in good condition.

A change in the DNA that occurs very seldom but does happen.

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