The couple’s dog was found two hundred miles away, six years after it had been stolen from them

Caroline and Simon Hall of Durham, England given up looking for their lost Cocker Spaniel Bonnie in 2015. This lucky couple got everything they wanted. After 6 years and 200 miles, their cat was located in Florida.

Wow, it really caught us off guard. A quote from Caroline Hall: I finally gave up hope that she would come back, but I couldn’t stop looking for her in missing dog ads.

When Caroline and Simon Hall first met Bonnie, they were prepared for the worst. Vets have checked on Bonnie and confirmed that she has lately given birth to puppies.

By doing so, Bonnie’s owners were able to deduce that she was bred. Theft of pets, especially dogs, is common.

Criminals use them to help them steal puppies that can be sold for a high price. This kind of behavior is often associated with animal cruelty, so the Halls were quite lucky to have their dog returned to them unscathed.

Mrs. Hall replies, «Let’s take her home, meet Jessie, and have a cozy evening by the fire.»The director of the animal shelter, Caroline Trigg, was just as happy for Bonnie and her family.

I’ve never heard of a missing dog being found and returned. The animal, if it is still alive, must be quite sick. Badly, a lot of money was made.

Wonderful news that she can go home again. That’s fantastic news, the leader of the rescue group stated; they’ve been hoping for something like this all year.

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