The chicken took care of the cat as a baby, and later on the adult cat gave the chicken her offspring

A chicken «raised» a stray cat a few years ago. A hidden camera in the yard captured the cat as she grew up, moved away, came back, and introduced her kittens to the same chicken.

The chicken coop was located in the backyard of the tiny farm owner who notified the newspaper about the cat.

The guy awoke one morning to the sound of rustling and the assumption that chicks had miraculously arisen. Instead of chicks, he found little kittens, maybe 20 days old, which was quite a shock.

The guy was first baffled as to how they had arrived at their destination. Then he thought back to when he heard about the homeless cat.

«I had to think about it for a bit before the memory came back to me. A little cat started making regular trips into the yard around two years ago.

She never moved out of the henhouse to get some shut-eye. According to the farmer, Brian, the henhouse apparently appeared secure enough to the hen.

The chicken seems really pleased to be caring for the cats.

The cat disappears for the better part of the day to go hunting.But the other hens in the coop were unhappy in such a location, and they stopped producing eggs.

There was no way I could have cohabitated with the cat without giving it its own dwelling. «She got out of here fast and now she just drops by every once in a while to see the chicken,» the farmer said.

The cat does not see the coop’s occupants as a potential food source. Her kittens will undoubtedly follow in her footsteps and become avian experts because of her example.

The whole «family» is present in these footage from the surveillance cameras.

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