The big dog tells his mom that despite his size, he is still a friend and that he needs a morning embrace

Much though Kerel is rather large in stature, his heart is even bigger.

Look at this cute little Great Dane puppy! The act of giving his mother a hug is one of his most treasured memories.

Kerel and his mum have a daily ritual of greeting each other with a warm embrace before they head to work. This lovely ritual is a regular part of their lives.

Kerel’s mother probably forgot to let go of his hand in the morning hurry, but he didn’t let go.

This morning, we were in such a hurry that I didn’t even have time to give him his usual good morning hug. This large dog knows his own importance.

Frankly, he is probably feeling like a pampered poodle.

He doesn’t take direction and always wants his mother’s attention. It’s as though he can sense my energy waves. He’s going to copy me and become just like me.

As the old saying goes, «If I say nothing, he says nothing.»If I get up and start dancing, he’ll join in on the fun.

Mother Kerel thinks the dog’s greatest strength lies in his capacity to bring joy to people.

Large canines do seem to have a positive reputation. The prettiest thing you’ll ever see is that dog. Does the prospect of bringing home a big, sociable dog appeal to you?

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