Take a peek at the horrifying results of an experiment conducted in the 1950s to humanize a chimpanzee

In 1974, a group of researchers snatched a juvenile monkey from the San Diego Zoo and got away with it.

The chimpanzee was taken in by the family when he was a baby and raised by them as if he were one of their own children.

It wasn’t until many years after they had already begun that anybody let on that they were trying to humanize chimpanzees. Steph was the one who first came upon Nima the chimpanzee.

A professor made the decision on which research should be carried out.

After giving it some consideration, he came to the conclusion that it was a given that the monkey was incapable of verbal communication.

On the other hand, he had the idea that if he taught her words in sign language, they would be able to communicate with one another in a more straightforward manner.

In the beginning, Steph instructed Nima in basic life skills such as using the restroom and putting meals on a plate.

One year later, the chimpanzee finally got the hang of keeping his room clean and orderly.

Nima has devoted the last four years to rigorous training, and as a result, he is an expert in 125 different methods.

Despite this, once he stopped actively learning, his gesture repertoire shrunk down to just 25 in a very short amount of time.

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