Spitz was taking a stroll by the pool when he slipped and went in. Another dog quickly came to his aid

The married couple came home to find their Pomeranian drenched.

The couple checked the security footage and immediately began praising the second dog for saving the clumsy Spitz from the pool for half an hour.

In Byron and Melissa Tanaraien’s garden, there is a huge and deep pool. The home security camera can see it well since the fence is on the outskirts of the city.

The pair was able to piece together the sequence of events with the assistance of recordings made using it. The clip shows a dramatic unfolding as the Spitz approaches the edge of the pool and then goes off.

The dog dives headfirst into the water and swims further and farther away from the stairs.

The huge Staffordshire Terrier, the family’s second pet, was fortunately close by. He sprinted to the water and repeated his attempts to save his comrade, but each time he was unsuccessful.

Ultimately, the Stafford was successful in retrieving the Spitz.

This, however, did not occur immediately. The complete rescue operation took place in 34 minutes, so Staffordshire really had to try!

The Tanaraien family used to neglect their dogs, but that has changed. In addition, there is a second fence around the pool, and further precautions have been taken by closing it off with a safety fence.

Examine the results of the effort to save the infant’s life.

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