Some guy went to a desert island and just started living in the woods there for four years

He was reduced to the condition of a caveman, without even the basics such as food and medicine. However, the guy did build a real home during this period.

Because of the authenticity of the outdoor lifestyle videos he posts on his travel blog, Guy has amassed a large following.

He got to see a lot of different nations before settling on island living as his longest-term experiment. The guy picked a secluded spot on a little island off the coast of Costa Rica to carry out his plan.

As a result of having satellite Internet, he was able to update his online journal every day. For the first month, he had to make do with very little and sleep in a tent set up on poles.

Knowing that the rainy season was approaching, he began making preparations to build a more secure dwelling.

In short, the traveler had everything he needed to construct his shelter.

He settled on a flat area, compacted it using simple implements, and got to work. A man made a comment on the project’s completion.

The island provided him with everything he needed, so he is already planning his next adventure.

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