So that no one is left behind, kitty parents keep six kittens in their yard until aid comes

Earlier this month, a concerned citizen in an Australian city spotted a cat and her kittens in a truck container in a parking lot. The duration of her stay was described as «uncertain» by her.

Veterinarian visits were required immediately because of the circumstance.

When she was given a full dish of food, she had a hard time calming down and realizing that only good things were being wanted for her and the kittens.

Avrora and her cubs were happy to have a place to stay and lots of food when they arrived at the temporary residence.

She fed the babies and took a sleep as soon as she had recovered her strength.

With her help, her six kittens were able to develop physically and mentally as they grew older. The search for a permanent residence ended well for Avrora as well.

She wakes them up in the morning with her purring and then jumps into their bed for a kiss and a hug. She now lives a calm life after letting go of the past.

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