Snake strikes her baby sister, and a dog with severe wounds rushes to her rescue

At some point in September, Madeline Mills awoke to a loud crash in her garden. She awakened in the middle of the night, terrified for Milly and Tonka’s safety.

When a 5-year-old dog had diarrhea and a puppy vomited in front of Madeline, she was horrified. Milly finally succumbed to her injuries after going into cardiac arrest. The two dogs were brought in by Madeline.

It was only when Madeline looked down that she saw a brown snake. Milly, on the other hand, had been poisoned.

Madeline took both of her pets to the veterinarian. Milly’s nose, legs, chest, and neck were covered with bloody bites.

To confirm Tonka’s good health, doctors conducted physical exams and blood tests. It took the vet four days to care for Milly. As her condition worsened she struggled for her life, against the odds.

Tonka returned to his house after just one night away from his family. The dog seemed to be doing OK.

Madeline and her husband are certain that Milly protected their baby from harm because of the way she guards the dog.

Tonka would have died with a single bite. The dog was returned to its owner after four weeks of therapy. She can’t walk, but she’s having a great time.

After a few years, the dog’s snake bite is said to have subsided.

Seeing the animal’s strength and loyalty inspires her. A pet or human might be bitten by the snake that lives in their yard.A grateful Milly thanked her saviors, Madeline and her husband.

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