She refused to adopt an animal with a limb missing until she was one

It was determined when Ella Peggy was only a newborn that she had Amniotic Band Syndrome, which was the root cause of her lack of a left arm.

Ella’s growth and development have been unaffected by the amputation of her hand. She gets about on her head and legs now that she’s missing a limb.

In Brooke Hodgson’s words, «I am pretty adaptive.» When Brooke first saw Snowy, the three-legged Staffordshire/Boston terrier cross on television, she was smitten.

The Queensland Animal Welfare League agreed to Brooke’s request when she wrote to them with a letter of support, requesting them to restore the puppy to her.

Brooke Hodgson of the Daily Mail Australia thinks Snowy would be a great buddy for Ella.

Their twenties have passed, and now that Ella is an adult, she’ll have to learn how to properly care for animals.

Accept that she isn’t on her own in this situation. In this Queensland family, there are three children and a married couple, as well as a contented cat.

It took some time for the child to get used to a dog that was always on the go, but they are now best friends.

Snowy was not born with a disability; he lost a paw due to a mishap.

Ella often hugs him throughout their time together. As I found out the hard way, Snowy’s first priority in the morning is Ella.

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