See how a Lynx managed to jump an extraordinarily large distance in a single bound

Footage was captured on video showing a wild catamount leaping across a huge expanse of water.

As these nocturnal creatures are seldom seen in motion during the day, it is much more difficult to obtain any photographs or footage of them in action.

A lynx jumped across a dam on Pecan Island, an extremely rare occurrence.

Before leaping into action, you can see the monster’s preparations in the video clip. His leap seems effortless and natural, and he easily crosses the field to the other side.

It was clear to everybody there at the time that when the lynx was perched on top of one of the posts, it was preparing to attempt an extraordinary leap of more than 4 meters in order to reach the other side of the dam.

Lynxes can jump up to roughly 5 meters in height.

Since the onlookers assumed that the lynx would fall in the middle, they decided to film the action. Evidently, the lynx was the first to master the aerobatic bounce and leave everyone in awe.

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