See how a 69-year-old lady managed to round the globe without breaking the bank

As far back as she can remember, vacationing abroad has been one of Marilyn Hartman’s favorite activities.

In addition, she has traveled to many other cities during the previous 19 years, including Copenhagen, Seattle, London, Barcelona, and many more.

The widespread consensus is that she has flown across almost half the globe.

Meanwhile, she didn’t shell out any cash to indulge her passion. By claiming to travel with others, the lady was able to board every trip at no cost to herself.

The year 2002 marked her first flight without an instructor. It was in Copenhagen that she went. Marilyn’s arrest at the airport was a long-kept secret until lately.

It turns out that she had been stopped back in 2014, and the lady was formally barred from repeating her «tricks» by the court. The media failed to recognize the significance of the event at the time.

This time the lady was questioned at O’Hare International Airport, and she was forthright about how she often takes advantage of complimentary airline tickets.

I didn’t intentionally mislead anybody. In many cases, no icebreakers were needed. I would try to sneak by the checkpoint in the footsteps of a more conspicuous individual if one was in front of me.

According to Hartman, «I was mistaken for an employee throughout the search.»

More than 30 flights were taken by Hartman altogether. The authorities will determine the woman’s next course of action.

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