Scientists studying a Pacific turtle that lives up to 175 years have found the immortality gene

Many of you have probably seen Galapagos turtles, and you probably already know that they have the longest lifespans of any animal on Earth.

But how could they bring this about? They consume a lot, move slowly, yet have the longest average lifespan.

Animal experts found a unique trait in turtles, or many traits that keep popping up in turtle studies.

Similar cell types protect the organism against aging and illnesses. As a defense, they provide a very targeted obstacle.

Similar traits, such as those responsible for longevity, are present in pairs in a turtle.

Researchers in the laboratory investigate this trait in a number of ways and put it to the test using a number of extrinsic factors. It’s clear the turtle has amazing characteristics in this regard.

When confronted with a problem, threat, or adie evil, they just destroy themselves. A number of experts set their sights squarely on stopping the aging process.

Many researchers need to concentrate on the eternal turtle characteristic right now since it would be a huge step forward in science if it could be modified and then introduced into humans.

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