Residents of an elderly care home get a Christmas treat from a group of adorable baby goats

It’s hard not to feel uplifted by the presence of a small goat.

Dwarf animals paid a surprise visit to elderly people in their homes, which was a blessing.

As part of a joyful visit, children’s animals have won over the hearts of people they’ve met.

Old residents even wanted to retain the goats as Christmas gifts for some of the older residents.

When they were little, the animals were placed on the laps of elderly folks, who smothered them with affection.

When the animals were just three weeks old, they were given small blankets to keep them warm on their last visit.

When asked what she thought of the blankets, Joanna Smith said: «They’re amazing, they were very cozy and toasty.»

That was a must-have; a Christmas present of my own would be wonderful!’

‘I thought the tiny goats were exquisite—totally amazing,’ said Kate Johnson, who was also in the audience.

Alpacas and pygmy goats were among the animals used in the experiment. One of the company’s CEOs remarked that the animals were loved by all of the residents and their group.

It was a pleasure to be with them since they were so refined and kind. ‘It certainly brought a little Christmas cheer to my day.’

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