Reminisce with your pal in the African bush, Little Tarzan

Tico was raised in a peculiar environment, since both of his parents were accomplished wildlife photographers in France.

The girl’s upbringing in the African desert allowed her to have a special bond with several types of wild animals.

The French girl said, «I have no friends here,» when she was a teenager, and I believe her since I seldom see other young people.

Because of this, I get along well with any kind of animals. Tico’s parents took incredible care to record his adventures and interactions with African wildlife so that it could be turned into captivating books and movies.

The book Tico of Africa, written about her and her family in 1998, focused on Tico and her experiences with African animals.

Because of this, Tico became famous. In her mother’s eyes, she was born with the mind of an animal. Since she was similarly little and outgoing, she related to them.

She made up these complete other realities. Tico was brought up with the greatest love and attention, with the exception of the usual and reasonable concerns.

Very few individuals can say they’ve ridden an ostrich or befriended a massive African elephant.

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