Ordering a bespoke aquarium from an internet merchant for her fish-obsessed cats

To keep the cats safe as they played with the fish, the owner constructed an aquarium with a little window. Intriguingly, the lady is a relative newcomer to the art of aquarism.

They didn’t do much for the first month except laze about outside the aquarium on a chair. They sometimes sat and observed the fish. In the end, the cat’s inherent curiosity won out.

Jason was invited since Monica had previously worked with him on aquarium-related concerns. Jason agreed to Monica’s request to meet her.

Jason had a wonderful idea after seeing the cats’ interest in the fish. For your cat’s enjoyment, you may set up a little play area within the aquarium.

Besides her cat, who was the first to try his luck at fishing in an aquarium, the lady owns a number of other animals.

Photos of cats gazing through the aquarium bottom to watch the fish swim seem as if nothing had occurred.We can see the cat via a little glass in the aquarium’s floor.

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