Millionaire in China invests all of his money to purchase a slaughterhouse and build an animal sanctuary instead

His fortunes started to decline once he chose to dedicate himself to charitable causes at the age of 32. A millionaire man’s beloved dog died in 2012, and he was heartbroken.

He decided to donate whatever he had to a shelter for dogs because of the Chinese man’s grief over losing the animal.

His dog had vanished, and Wang had searched in vain for it. The Chinese added, «I was told to get in touch with the local animal slaughterhouse officials.»

Despite his best efforts, he was unable to locate his dog, but the millionaire’s astonishment at seeing the brutal slaughter of strays led him to create a sanctuary for the animals.

The guy at the slaughterhouse said, «I would not wish such a fate on anybody.» When the «bloody factory» was demolished, the guy purchased the building and created a dog sanctuary in its stead.

Yan had more than a thousand dogs at one time. Fortunately, most of them were able to find suitable homes. The Chinese sanctuary now houses more than 200 canines.

The shelter’s upkeep received a large portion of the Chinese aid. Today, he is close to becoming insolvent.Despite this, the guy persists.

Please don’t donate to my cause. Yan expressed his hope that someone would emerge to assist him with warming the shelter in time for the approaching winter.

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