Methods of expressing your affection for dogs in their native tongue

The adults in charge of our little guys know that our dogs love us deeply, even if they don’t show it the same way we do.

Recent sociological research has depressed dog lovers by revealing that the vast majority of dogs don’t need human affection to be happy.

This is not to say that our tykes dislike being cuddled; on the contrary, they thrive on the attention and approval of their human caregivers. Take a go at demonstrating your dedication in a manner that is meaningful to them.

In many contexts, direct eye contact is still seen as an exam question.

According to a widely-circulated Japanese study, dogs, and the left one in particular, tend to raise a commotion when they are greeted by their owners.

They used a high-speed camera to look at the dogs’ expressions when they saw their owners vs when they saw strangers.

The left cerebrum controls the right half of the face and is associated with rational behavior, whereas the right mind controls the left side of the face and is associated with emotional responses.

Give them the gift of your company and your bed.

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