Let’s talk about how long it took the guy to discover his dog

Unfortunately, 2017 was the year Sam had to put down his dog. The pet was nowhere to be found despite his best efforts.

The concerned owner pledged that he would keep looking until he found his lost pet.

The family eventually relocated, but Sam never gave up seeking for their dog. Almost five years later, Sam got a call that completely caught him off guard.

The owner wanted to be sure it was his dog, so he asked a member of staff to describe the dog.

However, this was unnecessary, since the dog’s microchip could be read by any staff member present at the veterinary facility.

The assumption that the missing dog had been located was assumed without doubt.

In the hopes that the animal might recognize him even after all this time, Sam hopped in his vehicle as soon as he got the call.

Upon first seeing the dog, the guy was overjoyed. The dog’s tail wagged happily.

With them now again a unit, Sam doesn’t want to let his dog companion out of his sight, so he spends as much time as possible with him.

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