Learn more about the beautiful and peculiar German equines known as «Black Woods» horses

There is nothing like a Black Woods horse, with its chestnut coat and goided mane.

This horse breed has a lengthy history in the southwest of Germany and is well-documented.

Although they are now in danger of extinction. In the course of a single year, the collection has amassed data for 81 stallions and 1,000 mares.

Nevertheless, a growth in the species’ population is projected in the near future due to careful breeding.

Many people have dedicated their lives to save this breed of horse from extinction. Despite their little appearance, they are bold and robust. They aren’t any less compassionate or understanding because of their athletic prowess.

Typically, they develop between the ages of 15.4 and 17. The Black Woods horses are a great way to get started in equestrian riding for those who are new to the sport.

Their kind demeanor helps newcomers to the profession. Horse-drawn carriage travels may also be accomplished with these vehicles.

We owe it to these magnificent horses, a gift from the earth, to recognize and honor their existence.

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