Jumping on a trampoline, a dog spies on its neighbors

Have you ever had the sensation that someone was staring at you? Isn’t it unpleasant to feel this way?

Additionally, Rena Nicole and her boyfriend have been targeted in Ohio. In other words, they either did it or they didn’t, then they did it again and again until they finally didn’t…

You may see the results for yourself here. Couples in their home’s courtyard walked out for some fresh air and neighbor Grreat Danee got intrigued.

The dog climbed on a trampoline to spy on the neighbors since a high fence had been put up between the two homes.

As a result, the dog’s size is ideal; each time he takes off, he can view the whole yard and handle the situation.

Rena thought it was so amusing that she took a video and shared it on Facebook with the remark, «Have you ever seen a dog on a trampoline?

Not? Now that I’ve seen it. Thank you, but not at this time.

Subscribers were quick to take notice of Rena’s post and give it a like. A little over a month after posting, his post received over a thousand likes, as well as more than 15,000 positive comments.

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