It is said that Waldo the hedgehog is the «happiest hedgehog in Britain» because of his infectious smile

Waldo the hedgehog lives with Nikki Brown and Jack Dickens in Farnborough, England. He and his dog like going to local taverns together.

The hedgehogs known as «African pygmies» are domesticated hedgehogs that were raised in the humid and hot environment of Cuba (Algeria, Egypt).

Since the 1980s, hedgehogs have been more popular as pets in the United States.In order to live in warm climates, these hedgehogs may be exceedingly pale or even albino.

Niki Brown adopted Waldo when she discovered him at a shelter.

A friendly hedgehog turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. Their new cat’s spiky personality came to light when the new owners saw how happy their pet was when they fed him.

They accompany Waldo on Fridays so he may meet his owners’ friends and enjoy sweetcorn, a favorite food.

Waldo, the three-year-old foster child of Nicky, is a sweet and empathetic young man. He’s a dog’s best friend since he’s exactly like us.Niki, on the other hand, believes that «he was a dog in a previous life.»

In contrast, hedgehogs like to be alone and tend to be more reclusive. There are a few more things you should know about them.

When it comes to Waldo, «one of a kind» is an understatement. As a result, Nicki and Jack’s pals adore him and show it by doling him out with gifts.

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