Inject some fun into your dental visits with this adorable dog!

In order to maintain his pearly whites, this pup takes regular trips with his mom to the vet. The patient’s role during dental procedures is to remain still and cooperative while the dentist attends to his needs.

The dog’s training began in a therapeutic setting before it was transferred to a dental clinic for further education.

The dog’s trainer claims that the canine was bred for this role. A dog that loves humans and is anxious to assist them is a nice and useful canine.

What he performs at the clinic is satisfying to him. He never loses his composure, always has his patients’ best interests at heart, and never leaves their sides.

Patients reported a shift in sentiment about dental care.The calm certainty he exudes and the subtle ways in which he helps put people at rest.

The dog always seems happy to see the first customer of the day, and he always greets them with a wide smile.

The dog remains with the patient during the whole treatment, ‘holding’ his hand or even lying down next to him on the sofa if he becomes restless.

Seeing the dog in the doctor’s office puts the kids at ease, and the procedures that used to make them nervous become a game.

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