In the dead of night, the dog gave birth to a litter of puppies, and they all remain with mom until there were fifteen of them

She had been informed to anticipate anything from six to eight puppies from Anita’s dog, but was taken aback when the actual birth occurred.

On the morning of her due date, she went into labor and had five tiny pups, then ten more.

The statement is true. Overall, the dog gave birth to fifteen babies. You’d think that would be enough to set a new record, but in fact it’s just the second largest litter in the UK.

They had 18 puppies in the oldest litter.

In all, she spent about seven hours in labor. Try to put yourself in this canine mom’s shoes as she welcomed each new puppy into the world.

The dog’s owners didn’t set out to raise so many little pups. An understatement would be to say they were shocked.

She’s a wonderful mother who won’t even allow other dogs near her babies when they’re feeding. As the only caretaker for her children, she manages everything by herself.

It’s wonderful that the owners provide a safe refuge not just for strays, but also for the newborn puppies of the dogs they love. I believe it’s a great story, really.

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