In order to survive the night, a litter of puppies watched after a newborn and kept her warm all night long, making this feasible

A litter of pups in India took in an abandoned infant whose parents had abandoned her.

She is said to have first seen the baby, who was exposed with her umbilical chord firmly connected, and was put next to her on the ground. Her mother was there.

According to a local official, a group of individuals on their way to do their regular errands came across the newborn.

People in our community said they saw a young girl weeping and relaxing with the pups about 11 a.m.

It’s likely that the brightness of the children and mother has kept this youngster alive, a neighbor who wants to stay unidentified said.

They blamed the little girl’s ordeal on «blind karma,» because of the dip in temperature that occurs in the nights at this time of year.

At a local hospital, the young lady was evaluated by a doctor. The authorities are looking for the baby’s parents.

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