Hello, i’d like to introduce you to BoOt and KeeP, two strays that have discovered a new lease on life as explorers

The Canadian cats Bit and Kee are brothers. The two young women who care for these pets love to travel around Canada with their four-legged companions.

Their dogs, however, did not enjoy the same fortunate beginnings. In 2015, Kira spent her summer working as a camp counselor.

Somewhere down the line, she heard a gentle meow coming from the direction of the trash cans. She investigated and discovered two kittens beside the trash cans.

When Kira’s time at summer camp was through, she brought the kittens to an animal shelter so that they may find new homes.

They had intended to go camping for the weekend, but when Kira showed there late, the campground was already closed.

She had to carry the kittens with her, and that was the best choice she could have made.

After falling in love with the cats, the girls gave them the names Bit and Kee and vowed to keep them forever.

The sisters have since made many trips with their dogs in tow. They claim that every cat has its own unique personality.

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