Hedgehogs are well-documented, and it’s definitely worth your time to learn more about them

Hedgehogs have only appeared on our planet in the past 15 million years. Data suggests there are between 1,000 and 1,000 and a half needles on it, according to what we know.

They, too, will ultimately lose their teeth as people do. In many ways, this resembles what it’s like to be a person.

They get along with people much like the great majority of domesticated animals. Hedgehog meat was highly prized by the Romans, and the meal containing it was considered a delicacy.

The hedgehog is the only other mammal known to be able to hibernate for 128 consecutive days. For him, this causes him to wake up feeling hungry since his body temperature dips while he is fast asleep.

The more time he sleeps, the lower his body temperature becomes.

Hedgehogs are born without tails because they are unable to develop their tails long enough to fit beneath the needles.

In the lab, in addition to their incredible running speed, they have excellent eyesight and hearing.

Hedgehogs are naturally resistant to snake poison because of their nighttime lifestyle.Please share it with those you care about if you enjoy it.

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