Having been rescued from the street by a kind-hearted individual, this pit bull can’t stop grinning

Some dog breeds, despite their popularity, have a negative reputation. When it comes to dog attacks, pit bulls are the most lethal.

These canines have a bad reputation because to popular culture’s preconceived notions of them as vicious and frightening.

Despite their menacing look, these gentle giants speak softly.

None of them, however, has ever shown such a kind side as this naïve pity does.

A huge grin covers his face the instant he learns he’ll soon have a lifelong home and a beautiful friend to share it with.

It’s clear from his expression that he was shocked! Baby was spotted walking the streets of Brooklyn at 11 months old.

But everything changed for him one day. The man who would become his rescuer, Dan, was introduced to him.

When he saw a stray pit bull while walking his dog, Demo, he decided to intervene.

To Dan’s apologies, he chose to bring him along. Homeless or lost? He couldn’t tell for sure. John spent the better part of a month trying to track out the puppy’s owners.

To no avail, he went door-to-door and even put up fliers throughout the area. John made the decision to keep Brinks with him at that point… Forever.

As a matter of fact, who wouldn’t want a grin like that?

After all these years, Brinks is still alongside the guy who saved his life, and he’s still as happy as he was back then.

«John has never seen anything quite like that,» adds Brinks

He smiles whenever he experiences any of these activities, from getting a present to greeting a newcomer to snoozing.

Smiles are one of his favorite things, whether he’s driving or lounging on the beach. At any given moment, Brinks can’t help but glow with happiness.

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