Going to Home Depot with a frightened ex-shelter dog allowed her to conquer her fear

The power of love cannot be understated. To really love someone is to want to do everything you can to ensure that they are happy and satisfied. Giving love has a profound effect on our lives.

An animal adoption is an important choice that may change both your and the animal’s lives. Your pet may now have a loving person and a nice, safe home for the rest of its life.

Take pleasure in your pet’s love and devotion. Adoption is a challenging process. Some animals at shelters are unable to imagine a life outside of their cages.

As soon as they go outside of their familiar surroundings, they become paralyzed with fear. To go back to their old selves, they’ll need time and support.

After finding Heaven at a shelter, Jackie Rakers took her in.Heaven was unsure of herself until she met Jackie. She was terrified by everything.

When she was a little girl, she had a lot of social anxiety. Her owner worked with her to help her overcome that.

They had an excellent experience with Home Depot. When Heaven had gotten used to her new surroundings, she started interacting with both the staff and the visitors.

Aprons were handed to her as a sign of her new position as an employee.

Heaven’s self-confidence grew as a result of repeated trips to Home Depot, and she became more outgoing and less afraid of the world.

Her confidence and delight grew as a result of the correct instruction, love, and patience.

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