Fourteen pups are born to a dog, which is quite unusual. Incredibly, it works. This is fantastic

There are 14 pups born to a dog, which is quite unusual. To put it simply, it’s unbelievable.

That’s fantastic. When a dog produces a litter of pups, it’s always joyful since there are few things sweeter than a tiny newborn puppy.

Recently, a French bulldog gave birth to a litter that may have set a record for the most number of pups ever delivered from a single litter.

While the dog’s owner did note that their pregnant pet was bigger than usual, they were not anticipating any complications.

Given that French Bulldogs usually only have three pups at a time and that having seven puppies is very rare, the birth of six or seven puppies would have been unexpected.

No one could believe it when this bulldog mother gave birth to a litter of 14 healthy pups.

The dog’s fresh litter has the owner convinced that it must set a «record in the United States.»

Adoptions have been found for all 14 pups. It is quite unusual for a dog to produce more than a dozen pups at once, but it does happen.

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