Exceptionally quick and nimble monkeys

In terms of primate size, the white-gave gibbon is one of the smallest. Rare and gorgeous is the way he swings on his long arms while ascending to the top of the trees.

Many adult gibbons and their offspring make constitute a family group. Families all have a strong connection to a certain area of the forest.

Tree branches are a great place for the gibbons to relax. For these animals, wild figs are their most cherished delicacy.

Gibbons, if they are perceptive enough, meticulously inspect natural thingsbefore deciding which ones to eat.

By virtue of its lengthy limbs, it can reach the most fragile branches and buds.

Additionally, gibbons ingest invertebrates that lack a spine. Their teeth attack the bugs’ hard shells, then they suck out the bugs’ contents before throwing away the shell.

After a long day at work, lunch is a chance to unwind and do some fleece-cleaning.

At nightfall, gibbons scale trees in search of a secure place to sleep. With their adamant toes, primates cling to the ground in a solid position, resting on their soles as if they were walking through thick trees.

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