Dogs are the perfect partner for a lonely tiger

In every way, brotherhood is absurdly illogical. They were intertwined, no matter how different they were from one other.

We’re thinking of adopting the three-week-old tiger and the three-week-old dog. In order to save the newborn tiger, he had to be taken away from his mother.

It’s hard to tell these two little kids apart now according to sanctuary director Athea.

She claims that the puppy’s cage is her favorite spot to visit first thing in the morning so that she may greet him. It involves a lot of wrestling and leaping on her, but she does most of the effort for him.

He can play just like a littermate with his dog, which is a huge benefit to him.

He needed a friend since he was the only cub in his litter.’

This unique duo regularly plays together under the cautious supervision of a carer.

We’re encouraged by how well the pup and tiger seem to get along so far, and we’re hoping that it will continue.

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