Despite their insistence that the missing puppy is «not worth» $20, the family has refused to part with the money

It was found that Tika, a blind dog, had been living on the streets of Los Angeles, and he was plainly distressed by his experience.

In addition to saving his life, the dog rescue organization that found him was also able to locate his original owners.

The owners agreed to have it returned, but were miffed at the $20 restocking charge.

Because they felt the dog was «not worth it,» Tika’s owners refused to pay even the bare minimum. Tika was devastated by the loss of his family and friends.

The fact that no one wanted to adopt Tika’s blind dog just made things worse for her.

The shelter’s director first adopted Tika. After many months of recuperation, he was taken care of by a local lady called Haidi.

Haidi was surprised to discover Tika.

Though she was cautious at first, she quickly realized Tika was a lot like her other dogs in that she was naughty and eager to please.

Finally, Tika has found his perfect permanent home. He’s surrounded by a loving family and canine siblings. No matter how blind they are, dogs have a remarkable sense of smell and can still identify odours.

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