Look at the lifestyle of this guy who has wed 39 wives and now occupies a 100-room, five-story mansion
Two wives is the typical number of children a man has in an Eastern country, with three being an extreme. Zion Chan, an Indian native and inhabitant, however,
She got a cat, but it grew to almost wolf-sized proportions
Maria bought a kitten from a flea market. An anomaly was discovered after a month of observation: The cat had become excessively large. For the first time in
The 51-year-old grandmother described as the «world’s most beautiful lady» is exquisite
In actuality, many contemporary women improve their appearance as they approach middle age. Physical activities, as well as a more physically active lifestyle and food habits, are all
What this lady discovered in her shoes will shock you
Alisa last spotted a little green thing on her patio when she opened her front door last year. It was an amphibious beast that had taken up residence.
A lady renovated a vintage school bus into a stylish motorhome. Observe this
In just three years, the old bus was transformed into a chic and cozy mobile house. Some individuals are lucky enough to inherit their ideal home, while others
In the dead of night, the dog gave birth to a litter of puppies, and they all remain with mom until there were fifteen of them
She had been informed to anticipate anything from six to eight puppies from Anita’s dog, but was taken aback when the actual birth occurred. On the morning of
A dad erected a playhouse in the tree for his kids. You must watch this
Josh, a resident of Watford, England, has constructed what he claims to be a «tree home» for his kids, but it’s really just a large play structure. It
See what occurred when this guy adopted a zoo bear cub and raised him as his own kid
A zookeeper fed the starving bear cub after taking it into his care. To all intents and purposes, Casey Anderson raised him as his own kid. The man’s
Cupcake, the internet-famous pink pug with blue eyes, is a rare find
The pug’s classic excellent features and charming demeanor make him a favorite subject for decorative art. The pups that came all the way from China are adorable and
The hippopotamus began to howl for help as an incoming swarm of fowl tried to land on its neck
Hippos are afraid of birds of prey that land over their heads while they are young. This elephant snapshot was taken by photographer Marcel Mol in Tanzania’s South
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