The cat somehow survived being run over by a bus
After being hit by a bus and presumed dead for four years, a stray cat miraculously made a full recovery. When someone came to aid the cat, it
It’s a thrill for tigers that have spent their whole lives in captivity to finally be allowed to swim
When a pair of rescued tigers were freed from the zoo for the first time, this beautiful scenario unfolded. Cati and Lilo were rescued from a zoo in
Romanian Tibetan Mastiffs are considered by dog enthusiasts throughout the world to be the most gorgeous dogs on the planet
Xeno, a puppy from China, has arrived. People from all around the globe have called him «the most beautiful dog in the world. A native of Romania, Xeno
There is a bull snake moving over a terrace in Dorset
It was at this moment that Leo saw the reptile sprawled over his deck after hearing a murmur. Helen, his soul partner, returned after fetching his phone so
How did young Soviet ladies of the 1970s and 1980s get to and from school? Evoke feelings of nostalgia and act as a style reference for the next generation
They say that after a trend has been around for a time, people tend to forget about it. Similar arguments might be made concerning appropriate school dress. Even
The remarkable tale of a brother and sister pair of chimpanzees and their efforts to surmount the challenges of living together
It’s precisely in this sense that chimpanzees are enjoyable to watch. Care for Tigo and his sister Linda is being provided by the workers at the Tacugama Chimpanzee
Safari-goers rush to the aid of a wounded elephant after hearing his cries for assistance
As intelligent creatures go, elephants are among the best. Due to extraordinary intelligence and capacity for learning. In Zimbabwe, physicians were shocked whenever an elephant approached them. Instantaneously,
There were a total of 15 cubs born to an old bear
This bear was born and raised in a natural park in the United States. She is a 25-year-old female black bear who has shown herself to be one
Once a police officer saw a little cat in the midst of a highway that was pretty congested with vehicles, he or she was able to safely collect the feline
A kind act by a police officer who really cares about the people in his community. Given that the police officer who just saved his life also happens
After being separated for some time, a cat that had been stealing dog food from a garage eventually reunited with its owner
Animals used to a more sheltered lifestyle have a much harder time surviving in the wild. But a once-domesticated but now-wild huge cat not only lived, but also
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